Saturday, March 7, 2009

067: #188 Monuments or Memorials

A small town's memorial to all its veterans.
Each upright slab holds quotes.
The central black column is engraved with names going back to the beginning of the United States of America.
And the bricks on the platform honor the most recent military men.

This deserves some closer shots.

For those of you who are curious about the lovely building,
it's a restaurant in an old restored house.


  1. What a beautiful memorial and thanks for the close ups, this is really incredible. What is the blue house behind - it is really neat and so full of character!!

  2. Nice memorial - but I love that blue house in the background even more!

  3. What a terrific series to capture this theme, love the colour and overall layout of the building, but all the shots seem spor on to me.

  4. Great way to keep the memories alive! I do like that big old blue house in back!

  5. Very nice take on the theme. I like that they are near the restaurant - I imagine that brings them frequent visitors that they might not otherwise receive if they were in a more typically isolated setting.

  6. It is so good that the names and memories are honored where there is life and action rather than tucked away, nice shot

  7. What a fitting Memorial.. I get so upset as here on LI there are memorials located on very busy intersections and on postage stamp size property that no one can visit or even sit down in fear of being run over. Beautiful images and backgroung info.