Sunday, August 9, 2009

221: Free #14 Fireworks

I finally got a chance to try shooting some fireworks!
Friday nights after an Akron Aeros game.

Manual, ISO 100, F16, 4 seconds, 28mm with my 28-135 lens on a tripod.
My remote shutter release battery died, so I used a 2-second delay to minimize shake when pressing the shutter button.

Most of these are cropped because my camera was aimed wrong. It's kind of hard to guess where the fireworks will be in the viewfinder when you have to press the shutter button as soon as you hear the pop, but part way through I decided to use "live view"...

Next time I'll use the XSi kit lens at 18mm.

Skyrockets in flight...

A nice burst or two...

The next one's a little blurred because I adjusted the angle during the 4 second capture -- but I think I like it. Click on it for the big version.

My favorite of the lot...

I caught a couple with Children's Hospital in the background
and this next one shows a parking deck as well...

"the bombs bursting in air..."
Well, the flag is off to the left and out of the picture...


  1. No need for a different lens next time these are fabulous!! Great captures.

  2. Impressive! I love these, especially the ones with the buildings in frame. Well done, and I hope you keep on experimenting, if this is your first try I can't wit to see how much farther you go.

  3. These are ALL spectacular - and these shots are not easy to get!

  4. The process you describe looks difficult. These are GREAT!!