Monday, June 22, 2009

173: #268 School

School for sale -- or maybe to rent, I'm not sure. The sign says "available".
At any rate the school system doesn't use these buildings any more.
The children go to newer schools in the system now.


  1. What a shame to see a large vacant building sitting there, another sign of the times. Hopefully someone moves in soon! That would be great converted to apartments!

  2. IT looks like ti was a beautiful day when you snapped the shot. It is a lovely sky.

  3. I'd love to live in an old school, I hope someone move in soon.

    Lovely colors you've captured too.

  4. Good to see a Real Estate Agent first in to spot a deal, I'd hand the property over to Tammy in a flash, but surely it would be state owned at least so maybe as haven for Art or other alternate learning would benefit from the facility.