Friday, April 17, 2009

101: #321 The Good Old Days

I didn't try it to see if it's a working pump, but it's a display by the Towpath Trail.

I remember that my great-aunt's farmhouse had a pump like this. Close to the pump they had a spring bubbling out of the ground with a small shed over it. That was where they kept perishables like milk from their cows and the butter they churned. And in the good old days the air was so clear there that you could see a million more stars at night than you saw in the city.

Cropped and vignetted in LR2.


  1. I love that old pump. I remember those. (No, I'm not THAT old, but I had an old-fashioned grandmother who didn't trust running water or indoor toilets. Christmas at her house was a trial!)

    Great shot, and I really like your treatment of it.

  2. Terrific but it will only work if it isn't past it's prime - Literally.

  3. What a great shot, I love this fountain and the vignette you used!

  4. I can smell the rotten eggs now!! Beautiful shot.

  5. Wonderful shot, what great lines the pump has. I like your vignette a lot.