Tuesday, June 30, 2009

182: #052 Classic

A rose...
a classic thank-you gift to Kayla's family for rescuing a neighbor.

The more complex story is that a neighbor a few houses away went out on her second-story deck and the door closed behind her and locked. The deck has no stairs so she was stranded. She saw Kayla outside playing and tried to get her to ask her Mommy or Daddy to come out and talk to her but Kayla just finished the pre-kindergarten "safety town" classes and one of the lessons is "don't talk to strangers". Kayla took this very seriously and wouldn't talk to the lady. Her Daddy finally came out in the yard and the woman hailed him and got him to bring a ladder and rescue her. She gave them some roses as a thank-you.

I took several pictures and liked this angle the best. It was shot as landscape, but I cropped it to portrait. Otherwise it's pretty much out of camera.

Oops! I meant to schedule this for tomorrow.


  1. Too funny and what a beautiful classic!

  2. Great story and glad Kayla took her school lessons seriously!!! I love the soft focus on the flowers.

  3. A very funny story though I do feel for the stranded neighbor! I like your image very much.

  4. What a beautiful glow to these roses, wonderful focus. Those lessons are important but hard to explain every variation.

  5. Beautiful colors and great selective focus.

  6. Beautiful shot, Jo, and a good story too...