Sunday, September 13, 2009

247: #163 Kids These Days

These kids just love performing in the marching band!
These shots were at the pre-game performance.
I didn't last for the half-time show and after the sun went down
I didn't get anything but blurry shots anyway.

It wasn't easy to spot my granddaughter from the stands. They're all dressed alike and the hats make it even harder to find her! From where I was sitting I needed her Mom to find her for me. One of the things I love about photography is that the camera can see what I can't with my aging eyes! I don't know if the flag-like sashes were just for 9/11 or if it's part of the usual uniform.

This football game was on 9/11 and they paid a little tribute to those who lost their lives. The trumpet player in the front stepped out and after a moment of silence he played "Taps".


  1. I bet the tribute was beautiful! This brings back memories - I was in our highschool marching band plus UN-L's college marching band! What fun!!

  2. Well done - so hard to get a shot of a large group like this and you nailed it!

  3. That closeup with the sashes and the kids with the horns is wonderful. So colorful, full of life and great composition.

  4. A moving tribute - wonderful capture.

  5. Great pictures - so colorful and I like the composition. And a moving tribute!