Saturday, March 14, 2009

074: #204 Nursery Rhymes

Goldilocks and the 2 bears (ursa major and ursa minor)

"Someone's been eating my cheese!" (see the nibble toward the upper right)

OK, that's a serious stretch!
And it's a Mother Goose story, not a nursery rhyme.

The sky was clear when I woke up at 3 in the morning, so I decided to try again to get a clear moon shot, even though the moon is waning. Manual shooting mode, manual focus, tripod, shutter release cable -- I could get what looked like a clear focus but when I took my hand off the focus ring it blurred!

Aha! Two things occur to me as I type this -- I forgot to turn off the image stabilization, and maybe I should keep my hand on the focus ring and shoot.

Shutter speed: 1/40 sec
Aperture: 16
Exposure mode: Manual
Flash: Off
Metering mode: Center-weighted average
ISO: 100
Focal length: 280mm


  1. What a beautiful shot. It's all about learning. I'm glad you kept at it.

  2. I think it is a lovely moon shot. I like how there's a little noise surrounding the moon. It seems to make it more real.

  3. Wish I would have thought of that, how creative! I would have thought the "cow jumped over the moon"! LOL Wonderful shot!!

  4. your stretch is very imaginative...shows great creativeness...which adds up to a shot well taken! : )

  5. Very creative thinking! And it is a wonderful moon shot.

  6. Yeah, I was thinking about jumping cows as well. Nice shot.

  7. Nice shot! Lots of good definition.

  8. I like this shot and the way you've applied the Nursery Rhymes theme!

  9. Love the shot AND the creative use in Nursery Rhymes.

  10. That's a great moon shot! And you get bonus points for the 3am shooting time!

  11. Wonderful shot!

    I thought "I see the moon and the moon sees me. God bless the moon and God bless me....."

  12. A fine shot and Janet has a good idea giving extra points for 3 a.m. shots. Fun stretch of a nursery tale too.