Wednesday, June 24, 2009

175: #323 The Wild Side

This is one of those wild orange daylilies you see along the rural roadsides.

But this particular one is planted next to my house.
The shot was taken from the shade of the house looking up toward the bright sunny sky. My first reaction was that it was too dark, but I decided I liked the contrast between the shaded daylily and the bright sky with the bright sky's sunshine sort of shining through the flower.

Click on it to see the effect of the daylight.


  1. I like this, Jo, it doesn't look like everyone else's shot - love the shade and the position you shot this at!

  2. Important to see larger. It is glowing from inside, really lovely.

  3. I like how the lily nearly fills the frame and the lovely transparent look of the petal's edges. Very nice, indeed...