Saturday, April 18, 2009

104: #261 Risky

This could have been "boys will be boys". They ran off on their own, off the trail and down a steep slope to the creek below. Their mothers were standing at the top of the embankment shouting at them to stay out of the creek and come back up RIGHT NOW.

Faces blurred for privacy.


  1. You are right, "boys will be boys"! :) This is a great shot of little boys curiosity! did they stay out of the water? Mine never would have!

  2. Nor should they Tammy, that shale bottomed creek is a perfect place to build a dam, and once you have a dam then you gotta go out and look for a navy to fight in it. Gee Mums don't know anything. And there are dry clothes back home.

  3. Can hear those moms! How is it that little kids have such highly-developed selective listening skills??

  4. Nice shot for this theme. Kids will be kids!!