Sunday, July 12, 2009

193: #192 Musical Instrument

My granddaughter plays tenor sax in the marching band.
Marching in football season uniforms is hot work on the 4th of July, even if it's a pleasant day in the mid-70's -- so that bottle of water is definitely welcome!

And this cello is one of the 8 instruments she plays -- at least I think it's 8 now.

After the parade she changed into shorts and a tee shirt and went back outside to run.
Her tee shirt says:
"Our sport is your sport's punishment.
Cross country"


  1. That amount of talent is meritorious and deserves your proud publicity. Well Done.

  2. She's a very talented young woman! I like the tenor sax photo best.

  3. What a great talent to have. The shot with the sax is great, she looks ready for anything, a lovely seeming young woman.

  4. What a talented young lady! Love the shot of her and the cello...your enhancement really makes the cello pop! Great effect!