Saturday, July 4, 2009

186: #144 Hats

I love a parade!

There were people riding "unusual" bicycles up and down the parade route before the actual parade made it to where we sat. This tandem is one of the more ordinary ones!

So maybe "hats" is stretching it a little...but not a whole lot!


  1. Nothing like Independence Day! This shot is made all the better by the way they are leaning into their turn. Nice capture!

  2. So 4th of July - ish! love the flags coming out of their back pockets! :)

  3. I like this, it has nice sense of motion and I don't think using 'hats' is a stretch at all, I'm pretty sure we all will be stretching more and more...

  4. I like this for the theme - even tho there's so much more to look at than the hats! Well done!